Governor of Fes Meknes region makes field trips to check the progress of infrastructure projects and accelerate their pace

Fès – Said Azniber, Governor of the Fès Meknes Region and Governor of the Fès Commune, made field trips to check on the progress of infrastructure projects in the city of Fès, with the aim of accelerating the pace of completion and ensuring the quality of implementation.

During these tours, the governor of the Fes Meknes region called on his administrative team to strengthen control and tracking mechanisms to ensure respect for the quality of completion and the agreed timelines. The governor emphasised the need for strict adherence to all laws and codes of conduct by the contractors implementing the projects, stressing that penalties will be strictly enforced if the set requirements are not respected.

It is expected to inaugurate the start of work on international standard bridges, viaducts and tunnels that will contribute to solving the traffic congestion that the city suffers from. These projects aim to improve infrastructure and facilitate traffic flow, promoting urban development and contributing to improving the quality of life for the people of Fez.

These new tours and projects come within the framework of the local authorities’ ongoing commitment to promote development and improve public facilities in the city, ensuring the best services for residents and visitors alike.

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