Princess Lalla Hasnaa on a tour of the ancient city of Fez today

Fez – Princess Lalla Hasnaa, President of the Mohammed VI Foundation for the Protection of the Environment, paid a field visit to the medina of Fez, the Kingdom’s scientific capital, on Wednesday 22 May 2024. The visit comes as part of the Princess’ ongoing efforts to preserve Morocco’s cultural and architectural heritage and promote environmental awareness among citizens.

During her tour, Princess Lalla Hasnaa inspected several historical monuments and important archaeological sites in the Old City, and was briefed on the ongoing restoration and rehabilitation projects. She also met with a number of local officials and partners working to protect the city’s environmental and cultural heritage.

The Princess praised the efforts made to preserve the unique heritage of the Old City and promote sustainable development, emphasising the importance of involving the local community in these initiatives to ensure their success and sustainability.

The visit is part of the initiatives led by Princess Lalla Hasnaa to promote environmental awareness and preserve cultural heritage in different regions of the Kingdom, aiming to achieve a balance between development and the protection of natural and cultural resources.

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