National Social Security Fund Warns of New Scam Attempts: Do Not Disclose Your Bank Information to Anyone!

Rabat, May 22, 2024: The National Social Security Fund (CNSS) has warned policyholders of the dangers of disclosing their personal information, especially bank details, to strangers, whether by phone or through untrusted online platforms. This is due to the potential for this information to be used for fraudulent purposes.

In a warning statement, the CNSS explained that a number of policyholders have received phone calls from individuals claiming to be affiliated with the Fund and requesting their bank information in order to transfer benefits to them under the compulsory health insurance scheme for the public sector.

The CNSS emphasized that these calls “are part of fraudulent operations aimed at seizing policyholders’ money and depriving them of their rights.”

The Fund reiterated that its procedures and regulations prohibit its branches from contacting policyholders to request personal information, especially those related to bank cards or any information related to their administrative or health status. It does not assign any entity with this task.

The CNSS urged policyholders to exercise extreme caution and not respond to any suspicious calls, and not to disclose any personal information, especially bank account information, to anyone, whether by phone or online.

The Fund also called on policyholders who have been subjected to such fraudulent operations to report them immediately to the competent authorities and file a complaint with the National Security services or the nearest CNSS agency.

These warnings from the CNSS come as part of its commitment to protecting the rights and property of policyholders and ensuring that they receive social insurance services in a safe and secure manner.

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