A shocking crime shakes Fez: Young man stabs his Turkish ex-wife’s fiancé in a fit of rage

ealousy-Fueled Crime in Fez: Man Stabs Ex-Wife’s Fiancé with White Weapon

Fez, May 22, 2024: A horrific crime of jealousy took place in the city of Fez today, Thursday, as a young man stabbed his ex-wife’s fiancé with a white weapon, in a tragic incident that shook the city.

According to the details of the crime, revealed by the Moroccan newspaper “Al Massae,” the young man, whose identity has not yet been revealed, intended to reconcile with his ex-wife. However, upon learning of her relationship with a Turkish man who had arrived in Fez to propose to her, he decided to take revenge on her fiancé.

In a fit of rage, the young man attacked his ex-wife’s Turkish fiancé and stabbed him multiple times in different parts of his body, resulting in his immediate transfer to the emergency department in critical condition.

The incident sparked a major security alert, as an investigation was launched into the case, and the police began search procedures to arrest the suspect. The suspect’s ex-wife was also interrogated to learn more details about the motives behind the crime.

This tragic crime serves as a stark reminder of the phenomenon of violence in society and the need to work to reduce such horrific incidents and promote values of tolerance and respect among members of society.

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