Minister of Justice reveals measures taken to protect Moroccans from being overburdened with unnecessary administrative documents + (Video)

The Moroccan Minister of Justice, Abdellatif Wehbi, denounced the practice of some hotels requiring couples to present a marriage contract before allowing them to stay in their rooms, describing it as an “illegal process.”

“Any document owned by the state administration cannot be demanded by citizens, but must be demanded by the relevant administration,” Wahbi said during a session of oral questions in the Council of Advisors.

Wahbi highlighted that the criminal record certificate required by a group of institutions, for example, should be requested by the Ministry of Justice administration and not by citizens, noting that the ministry has the necessary technology to carry out this process, as well as other administrative documents that only burden citizens.

He emphasized that there is a provision for this in the Law on Simplification of Administrative Procedures, but this text still needs to be activated.

Source : fes news media

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