The Minister of Justice emphasizes the sanctity of private life and considers it “illegal” for hotels to request marriage contracts from couples +(Video)

The Moroccan Minister of Justice, Abdellatif Wehbi, denounced the practice of some hotels requiring couples to present a marriage contract before allowing them to stay in their rooms, describing it as an “illegal operation.”

In response to a question posed by his party’s “Authenticity and Modernity” team in the House of Councillors, Wahbi explained that he has been “looking for 20 years for a legal basis for this practice, but he did not find it.”

The minister stressed that those who request this document from citizens “violate the law and should be prosecuted before the judiciary.”

Wahbi emphasized that “any document demanded by any party whatsoever, if the law does not stipulate that it must be demanded, remains an invasion of the citizen’s privacy.”

In this context, he referred to another widespread practice in some hotels, which requires women to provide a certificate proving that they do not live in the city where they want to book a room.

Wahbi called on citizens “not to submit to these illegal practices and report them to the relevant authorities.”

Source : Fez News Media

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