Syrian presidency: First Lady Asmaa al-Assad diagnosed with leukemia

The Syrian Presidency announced on Tuesday that First Lady Asmaa al-Assad has been diagnosed with leukaemia. The presidency said in a statement that the diagnosis came after the appearance of symptoms and signs of illness, followed by a series of medical examinations and tests, which confirmed her diagnosis of acute myeloid leukaemia (leukaemia).

The statement added that the first lady will undergo a specialised treatment protocol that requires isolation conditions with appropriate social distancing, which means staying away from direct work and participating in events and activities as part of the treatment plan.

In August 2019, Asmaa al-Assad announced her full recovery from a previous breast cancer diagnosis, appearing in a television interview and confirming her full recovery from the disease a year after her diagnosis. She described her treatment journey as full of fatigue and pain, but praised her family’s support during her treatment.

Asma al-Assad began her journey with breast cancer treatment in August 2018, when the Syrian presidency announced that she began undergoing treatment after being diagnosed with a malignant breast tumour that was detected in its early stages.

Asma al-Assad, who received treatment at the military hospital, is a mother of three and comes from a well-known Syrian family. Her father is a doctor specialising in cardiology and her mother is a retired diplomat. Before the outbreak of the conflict in Syria in 2011, Asma was the centre of attention in the Western media for her elegance and culture, but her positions during the conflict divided Syrians around her.

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