New gas well in Larache boosts Morocco’s energy security by 283 to 736 million cubic meters

Larache, Morocco – May 21, 2024 – British company Chariot announced today the completion of drilling the first natural gas well in the city of Larache, at a depth of 160 meters.

Initial estimates by Moroccan and British experts indicate that the potential extractable resources from this well range from 10 to 26 billion cubic feet of gas, equivalent to 283 to 736 million cubic meters.

This is a significant step towards strengthening Morocco’s energy security, as it contributes to diversifying energy sources and reducing reliance on imports.

In this context, Mr. Duncan Wallace, Chariot’s Technical Director, stressed that 2024 will be a crucial year for the company’s gas exploration activities in Morocco.

Mr. Wallace added that the company plans to increase its investments in Morocco in the coming period, with the aim of contributing to achieving the Kingdom’s goals in the field of clean and sustainable energy.

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