The artistic director of the Fes Spiritual Music Festival explores the symbolism of the fifth string and the influence of Andalusia

In an exclusive statement to Fez News, Alan Weber, artistic director of the Fez Festival of Spiritual Music, shed light on the symbolism of the fifth string that Zeryab added to the oud, considering it a symbol of the universal spirit. Weber noted that Andalusia was a centre of cultural cross-fertilisation between East and West, speaking of the influence of the Baghdad-Cordoba axis in the formation of a rich Arab-Spanish culture.

Weber emphasised that the Fez Spiritual Music Festival reflects the cultural diversity and peaceful coexistence of the three religions: Islam, Judaism and Christianity. He explained that this year’s programme features diverse concerts that aim to promote cultural understanding by exploring emotional and artistic aspects inspired by the traditions of antiquity and the spirit of coexistence.

Weber concluded by noting that the festival represents a unique opportunity for cultural exchange and communication between different peoples, enriching the cultural and spiritual experience of the audience.

The Fez Spiritual Music Festival’s programme is very diverse and includes performances by international artists such as Sami Youssef and Khadija El-Afrit, as well as bands from countries such as India, the United States, Italy, Tunisia and Turkey.

The Fez Spiritual Music Festival runs from 24 May to 1 June at various venues in Fez, promoting cultural exchange and openness between peoples.

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