Fez Court of First Instance issues verdicts against the network of medical negligence at the University Hospital of Fez (Mother and Child Department)

The Fez Court of First Instance has handed down its judgement in a case of medical negligence that has sparked public opinion and controversy. The case, which dates back to the death of a patient as a result of negligence at the Mother and Child Department of the Hassan II University Hospital in Fez, has shed light on the issue of health care and professional responsibility.

Reflecting efforts to ensure accountability and transparency in the health system, three nurses were sentenced to one year in prison and nine other defendants, including doctors, head nurses and general guards, were given suspended sentences. These judgements highlight the paramount importance of the role played by individuals in the health sector and the serious consequences of any dereliction of professional duties.

The case began with investigations by the Fès Regional Judicial Police Squad, which acted on a tip-off to the Public Prosecutor’s Office. The case has sparked widespread debate about healthcare standards and the need to improve medical services and infrastructure.

It is important to note that the verdict represents a step towards strengthening trust in the judicial and health system, and emphasises that medical negligence is not just a minor offence, but can have serious consequences. The judgement also demonstrates the authorities’ commitment to protecting the rights of patients and ensuring that necessary medical care is provided with high standards of competence and responsibility.

Ultimately, this judgement is a strong reminder that healthcare is everyone’s right and that negligence in this area can lead to irreparable consequences. Society as a whole must work together to ensure that the importance of healthcare is recognised and continuously improved for all.

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