2020 female students from Dar Al-Faqihah for Ancient Education visit the National Security Open Doors

On Saturday, 18 May 2024, the city of Agadir witnessed a remarkable event that reflects the commitment of educational and security institutions to promote awareness and mutual understanding. A delegation of 2020 female students from Dar Al-Faqihah for Ancient Education visited the Open Doors of the National Security, signalling the openness of the security institution to the student sector and encouraging communication between young people and state institutions.

This visit is an important step towards strengthening the partnership between educational and security institutions, and provides an opportunity for female students to learn about the vital role played by the National Security in protecting society and maintaining order. The visit also shows appreciation for students who memorise the Holy Quran and honours them for their efforts and dedication to learning and memorisation.

This event highlights the importance of science and education in developing societies and building bridges between different sectors. It sends a strong message that education is not only about academics, but also about fostering social and civic awareness.

This visit is an example of how to foster openness and interaction between younger generations and national institutions, and demonstrates Morocco’s commitment to developing an education system that addresses the holistic development of students. It encourages dialogue and cultural and knowledge exchange, and enhances the status of women in society by recognising the efforts of female Quran memorisers.

In conclusion, this visit is a positive step towards building a bright future for young people in Morocco, and contributes to strengthening trust and cooperation between citizens and security institutions, reflecting the spirit of coexistence and harmony in Moroccan society.

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