Attention, Governor of Fes Meknes region: No activity should be authorized on ancestral lands and the solution is an amicable settlement

In an official communication addressed to the head of the Oulad El Tayeb commune, the commander of the Oulad El Tayeb command demanded an end to the illegal licensing of commercial, industrial, service and other activities on the commune’s properties.

In his letter, the commander stated that he received a letter from the Governor of the Fès-Meknès region, Fès Municipality, No. 2604 dated April 18, 2024, stating that the community of Oulad El Tayeb is issuing administrative licenses to conduct commercial, industrial, service, artisanal or other activities on the community’s real estate for the benefit of individuals or legal entities.

The commander explained that the title deed of these users of the properties they are using is illegal, whether they are rights holders or third parties, in flagrant violation of the legal and regulatory requirements governing the dynastic communities and the management of their properties.

He added that the circular of the Minister of Interior No. 13904 dated November 4, 2021 requires the rights holders who wish to carry out non-agricultural projects (commercial, industrial, service, etc.) on the real estate they use and whose access to the property is valid and legal to conclude a lease contract with the Minister of Interior on preferential terms.

The commander stressed that the realization of investment projects or the delivery of administrative licenses outside the contractual framework entitles the illegal user to obtain the commercial asset, while this measure is contrary to the requirements of Article 16 of Law 62.17 on the administrative guardianship of the ancestral communities and the management of their property, and deeply affects the interests of the ancestral community.

Finally, the Commander demanded the head of Oulad El Tayeb Community to make a comprehensive inventory of all licenses that were issued in violation of the laws and regulations in force, and to provide him with full copies of each file, so that the supervisory authority can activate the amicable settlement process at the request of the concerned parties, or file lawsuits to invalidate these licenses if necessary.

The commander also requested not to authorize the aforementioned activities on a property owned by the dynastic community, except for those who have a rental contract with the Minister of Interior.

This correspondence comes within the framework of the Ministry of Interior’s keenness to protect the properties of the dynastic communities, safeguard their rights, and ensure their legal exploitation.

Source : Fes News Media

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