Governor of Fez Governorate decorates the chests of a number of security officials with the National Order of Merit of the second degree

As part of the 68th anniversary celebrations of the establishment of the National Security, Fez witnessed an important event that reflects the recognition of distinguished services and dedication to work. In the presence of prominent figures from the security, judicial and military sectors, the Governor of Fez Province honoured a number of security officials with the National Order of Merit of the second degree. The honour comes in recognition of their efforts and contributions to the maintenance of security and public order.

Established on 16 May 1956, Morocco’s national security is a key pillar in maintaining stability and safety within the country. The past years have witnessed remarkable developments in security strategies and techniques, reflecting the commitment of the General Directorate of National Security to continuous modernisation and responsiveness to citizens’ aspirations and current security challenges.

Celebrating the anniversary of the founding of the National Security is also an opportunity to reflect on the vital role played by security men and women in protecting public rights and freedoms. They work tirelessly to ensure the security of citizens and protect their property, which deserves praise and appreciation.

The occasion was also an opportunity to showcase modern security capabilities and equipment, reflecting efforts to modernise security management and enhance operational efficiency. The ceremony was characterised by performances by various highly trained security teams, highlighting the service aspect of security work and enhancing trust between citizens and the security establishment.

In conclusion, this anniversary is a reminder of the National Security’s commitment to serving the people and defending the homeland, and an embodiment of the national values of this institution. The awarding of the Order of Merit to security officials is a tribute to them and all those who work faithfully for the security and stability of Morocco.

From the website: Fez News

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