The right to clarify and respond – Larfaoui to Fes News: I was physically assaulted for the sake of the residents

Before Fes News published data about the exposure of the employee Mr. Tarek in the community of Oulad El Tayeb to physical assault by an elected official in the same community, after which he was taken to the hospital to receive the necessary aid, and within the framework of follow-up, clarification and response, Mr. Larfaoui, Vice President of the Oulad El Tayeb Community Council, called us a few minutes ago, confirming in his statement that he was subjected to physical and verbal violence by the same employee.

Mr. Larfaoui added that this dispute came about because of the license platform and the obstacles that were placed administratively to prevent citizens from obtaining economic licenses under the pretext of the property’s relationship with throne lands.

Arfaoui said that the harassment is due to his constant defense of the interests of the residents of Oulad El Tayeb.


source : fes news media

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