Moroccan nationals detained in Myanmar by criminal gangs

The Public Prosecutor at the Casablanca Court of Appeal announced on Wednesday the opening of a judicial investigation into the detention of Moroccan nationals by criminal gangs in Myanmar in the border areas with Thailand, after receiving complaints from some of the victims and their families.

In this context, “some of the victims and the families of others, especially those who filed complaints in the matter, were heard. The results of the preliminary investigations showed that the matter is related to the existence of criminal networks specialized in human trafficking operating in the border areas of Myanmar, which deceived their victims by concluding work contracts in the mentioned areas under the cover of working for international e-commerce companies in exchange for attractive wages, but it turned out that this was only a way to deceive them and exploit them by detaining them and forcing them to work in harsh conditions,” the statement added.

The same source adds, “Given the preliminary information available and the data circulated by some social media, the Public Prosecution, while calling for caution and caution against recruitment attempts that are still ongoing through the electronic network as well as some intermediaries in Morocco and abroad, is accompanying the investigations carried out by the relevant judicial police services in order to uncover all the facts and circumstances that accompanied these facts and to arrest any person suspected of involvement in these acts and arrange what is legally required in the light of this.”

Source : Fes News Media

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