Court of Appeal / Trial of those involved in the trafficking of newborn babies in Fez postponed to 28 May

The Fez Court of Appeal decided yesterday to postpone the trial of those involved in the trafficking of newborn babies to 28 May. An informed source said that the case file is ready and the judgement is expected to be issued in the next session.

Khaled El Bakkali, a lawyer at the Fez Bar Association, said in a media statement that 32 people involved in the case are in custody and two others are on temporary release.

Newborn trafficking is a global issue that affects the most vulnerable societies and exploits the most innocent individuals. The networks involved in such illegal activities are often extensive and well-organised, making the fight against this scourge particularly complex. The implications of these acts are not only legal but also moral and ethical, profoundly affecting victims and their families.

The safety of newborns is an absolute priority and requires close co-operation between judicial authorities, law enforcement agencies, health professionals and local communities. Preventive measures, such as improving birth registration systems, raising awareness and increasing protection in health facilities, are necessary to address the root of the issue.

The outcome of this trial is eagerly awaited, as it represents not only the hope for justice for the victims, but also a strong signal against impunity. Moroccan society, like the international community, hopes that those responsible for these crimes will be held accountable and that effective measures will be taken to ensure that children are protected from these offences.

While we await the judgement, this event serves as a reminder of the importance of vigilance and commitment to protecting children’s rights. It is essential that every child has the right to grow up in a safe and loving environment, free from all forms of exploitation. Fair justice is a fundamental pillar in building a society where the dignity and well-being of every newborn child is respected and preserved.

From the website: Fez News

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