Money Crimes / Investigative judge takes judicial control measures, revokes passports and prevents ten former officials from leaving the country

In a new development in the case of the sale of state-owned land, the investigating judge at the Financial Crimes Chamber of the Marrakech Court has decided to take judicial control measures against a number of elected officials, a collective employee and a tourism developer. The move comes as part of the preparatory investigation conducted against them in relation to the case.

According to sources, the judge has also sent a memorandum to the court’s general prosecutor requesting additional measures including the withdrawal of passports and preventing ten former officials from leaving the country. These measures reflect the seriousness that the authorities take in investigating cases that affect public funds and emphasise their commitment to fighting corruption and protecting national assets.

These measures come in the context of the judiciary’s pursuit of important cases of public interest and reinforce the principle of transparency and accountability in dealing with sensitive files. Recent developments indicate that the judiciary is taking tangible steps towards enhancing confidence in institutions and ensuring justice for all citizens.

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