Weather forecast for Morocco for tomorrow, Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Morocco, a country with a diverse climate, offers meteorological diversity that reflects the diversity of its landscapes. For Tuesday 14 May 2024, the General Directorate of Meteorology predicts that the weather will be variable across the Kingdom.

In the plains north of Safi and the western countryside, the morning period will be characterised by dense low clouds accompanied by sporadic light rain.

The central and Saïs coasts will wake up to foggy formations, a common phenomenon along the Moroccan coast, where the sea meets the desert.

The southeast, east and south of the southern provinces will experience rather hot weather. These areas, accustomed to high temperatures, will see residents and visitors acclimatise to the heat through morning and evening activities.

Moderately strong winds are expected in the centre, south, south-east and the Mediterranean rim. These winds can be both a challenge and an opportunity, especially for renewable energies such as wind power.

Minimum temperatures will range from 07/12°C in the Atlas Mountains and the countryside, mountainous areas where it is still cold at night, to 18/23°C in the southeast and the far south of the country, areas known for their heat. Elsewhere, temperatures will be milder at 12/18 degrees Celsius.

Temperatures are expected to drop in the northwest, providing relief from the heat of the day.

Finally, seas will be calm to moderate in the Mediterranean and Straits, which will be favourable for sailing. However, the sea will be rough north of Casablanca and south of Tantan, and rough between these two cities, requiring extra vigilance for fishing and shipping.

These weather forecasts are essential for farmers, sailors, tourists and all Moroccans planning their daily activities. They reflect the complexity and beauty of the Moroccan climate, a key factor in the national identity and sustainable development of the country.

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