Moroccan Press Corner: Morocco’s acquisition of SeaGuardian MQ-9B drones

The Moroccan press recently highlighted several important developments that are shaping the future of the country in various sectors. Here is a brief overview of these pivotal developments:

The Ben Slimane Stadium and the 2030 World Cup
The prospect of Morocco hosting the 2030 FIFA World Cup at the Ben Slimane Stadium has raised concerns among Spanish officials due to the stadium’s impressive capacity and facilities. David Aganzo, president of the Spanish Football Federation, has expressed concern that Spain could lose the opportunity to host the final. He acknowledged Morocco’s efforts to secure the honour by building a huge stadium in Ben Slimane.

Morocco’s acquisition of SeaGuardian MQ-9B drones
In another significant development, the US Congress is preparing to finalise a deal to supply Morocco with four SeaGuardian MQ-9B drones, which was initially agreed upon during former President Donald Trump’s tenure. These drones are among the best military drones in the world, with exceptional surveillance and precision targeting capabilities. They can operate for up to 40 hours in various weather conditions, including extreme weather conditions.

Tangier Urban Renewal Programme
The Collective Council of Tangier has approved the allocation of MAD 36 million to contribute to the second programme for the rehabilitation of buildings threatened by collapse in the old city. This initiative includes studies and rehabilitation works for 328 residential buildings classified as ‘at risk of collapse’, following assessments by the National Agency for Urban Renewal and Rehabilitation of Buildings at Risk of Collapse (ANRURA).

Concerns about parents’ associations in Moroccan schools
A human rights source has sounded the alarm about the serious situation facing many parents’ associations in national educational institutions. There are accusations of opportunistic individuals turning the role of these associations into profit-making ventures at the beginning of each academic year, in the absence of proper oversight and accountability.

These stories reflect Morocco’s dynamic progress in infrastructure, defence, urban renewal and the education system, despite the challenges that accompany this progress.

From the website: Fez News

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