Aruhal: We are not nihilistic when we criticize some sector officials, but rather we pay tribute to every ray of light that illuminates the sky of our country

In the world of politics, social media is a powerful tool for communicating between politicians and the public. The photo posted by parliamentarian Khadija Arouhal with Abdellatif Hammouchi, Director General of National Security and Territorial Surveillance, shows how spontaneous moments can contribute to the image of political and security leaders.

The photo, which shows the MP and the director general in an informal moment, gives the impression of closeness and humility, qualities that the public values in their leaders. It also highlights the human side of these people who are considered pillars of the state.

Here is what the parliamentarian posted on her personal Facebook page:

I wanted to say that we are not nihilistic when we criticise some sector officials, but rather we pay tribute to every ray of light that illuminates the sky of our country, as well as to all loyal citizens of this country who give every right its due. My post was a testimony to a statesman whom all Moroccans consider the eye of Morocco that does not sleep, and the proof is the huge number of comments that carry all the appreciation and love for this national importance that should be a role model for every official at the head of every sector.

Moroccans do not forget what is good and do not underestimate sincere efforts, which is why all Moroccans today rally around anyone who is credible, including Mr Hammouchi…

I do not throw roses at him, but my testimony in his favour came as a result of my dealings with him in a file that lifted injustice and injustice against a group of citizens. I have a lot of respect for his administration and for him in particular, as our country needs loyal officials of his calibre.

(This morning, coincidence led me to share my journey from Agadir to Rabat alongside Mr Abdellatif Hammouchi, one of Morocco’s icons, through whom we can be proud of the men who are the safety valve of this country.

This humble man is loyal to his country, humble and loyal to his country, servant and moral, with noble and sober attitudes, may God protect him from all evil).

From the website: Fez News

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