The city of Fez and the challenges of cleanliness: Between what is and what is not (Photos)

Fez, an ancient Moroccan city, is facing major sanitation challenges. Streets and neighbourhoods that were once the epitome of beauty and order now suffer from the accumulation of waste and the lack of adequate sanitation services. This issue is not limited to popular neighbourhoods, but extends to main and public streets, negatively affecting the quality of life and the health of residents.

Photos obtained by Fes News reflect the magnitude of the suffering, showing overflowing containers and accumulated waste on the ground, indicating a lack of efficiency and resources to manage this vital sector. As temperatures rise with the arrival of summer, health and environmental risks increase, from the gathering of insects and reptiles to the spread of diseases.

What is needed now is the intervention of community officials, given their direct responsibility for the sector, to ensure improved sanitation and waste management services in an effective and sustainable manner. There must be a real response to the demands of residents, and work to develop the cleaning system in line with the real needs of the city and its inhabitants.

In conclusion, the question remains: Will Fez be able to regain its glamour and cleanliness for which it is known? The answer lies in the concerted efforts of all concerned parties, including residents, civil associations and local authorities, to achieve this noble goal.

From the website: Fez News

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