Kickboxing / Morocco’s Mohamed Ben Abbas crowned world champion after knocking out his French opponent Remy Lefebvre in just 20 seconds

The kickboxing world witnessed a historic moment on 12 May 2024, when Mohammed Benabbes was crowned world champion in the under 84kg category. In a fight that captivated combat sport fans around the world, Benabbes demonstrated impressive strength and technique, knocking out his opponent, Frenchman Rémy Lefebvre, in just 20 seconds.

This triumph is not only a personal victory for Benabbes, but also a source of pride for Morocco and for the school run by his coach, Fahd Fakir. Benabbes’ rigorous preparation and determination were evident from the start of the match, where he quickly got the better of Lefebvre, a formidable competitor from the Team Trefier club.

Benabbes’ victory is the result of many years of dedication and hard work. At 36, he has proved that age is no barrier to achieving great things in top-level sport. His journey inspires young athletes and kick-boxing enthusiasts alike, showing that perseverance and rigorous training can take you to the top of the world.

The World all fight system organisation’s world belt is a prestigious trophy that recognises talent and excellence in kick-boxing. For Benabbes and his club, Elite Headquarters de Rabat, the title is recognition of their commitment to sporting excellence.

Benabbes’ victory is a moment of celebration for Moroccan kickboxing and a testament to the sporting spirit that unites athletes around the world. It underlines the importance of sport as a platform for self-improvement and mutual respect between competitors. Congratulations to Mohammed Benabbes, the new world kick-boxing champion in the under 84 kg category.

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