Morocco’s Nahdet Berkane vs. Egypt’s Zamalek in the first leg of the CAF Confederation Cup final. Team lineup

The Moroccan team has shone brightly in recent years on the continental level, especially in the Confederation Cup, which has become a fan favourite.

Nahdet Berkane won the CAF Cup in 2020 and 2022, while they lost the final of the 2019 edition to Zamalek. The Moroccan team also holds the African Super Cup title, which they won in 2022, according to the official website of the Confederation of African Football (CAF).

The Moroccan club’s star has shone on the continent in recent years, which has allowed it to write its name with the giants of African clubs, which makes it seek to continue shining, and search for its third title in the Confederation Cup and the fourth continental title, including the African Super Cup.

Nahdet Berkane’s continental brilliance in recent years has been accompanied by domestic titles in the Kingdom, where they won the Throne Cup on 3 occasions in 2018, 2021 and 2022.

In a match full of expectations and excitement, the Berkane Municipal Stadium will host the highly anticipated meeting between Morocco’s Nahdet Berkane and Egypt’s Zamalek in the first leg of the CAF Confederation Cup final. This match is not just a fight for the continental title, but an embodiment of sportsmanship and honourable competition that reflects the depth of relations between African countries.

Nahdet Berkane, one of the emerging clubs on the African scene, are looking to add a third CAF Confederation Cup title to their trophy cabinet, cementing their place among the greats of African football. The Moroccan team, who won the title in 2020 and 2022, will be hoping to exploit the home and crowd factor to achieve a positive result that will make their task easier in the second leg.

For its part, Zamalek, one of the oldest clubs on the continent, enters this match with great ambitions, based on its history of achievements and titles. The team that lost the 2019 final to Nahdet Berkane will be looking to avenge their loss and add another trophy to their golden record.

The match promises a lot of excitement and intense competition, as both teams have talented players and strategic coaches capable of making the difference. Fans are in for a thrilling footballing spectacle that showcases the best of African football with skill and passion.

In addition to the sporting significance, this match also holds cultural value, bringing together two peoples who share many values and traditions, and reflecting the close ties between Morocco and Egypt. This event is an opportunity to celebrate the unity and diversity that characterises the African continent.

As the first whistle approaches, all eyes will be on the Berkane Municipal Stadium, where a new chapter in the history of African football will be written. Whether the result favours Nahdet Berkane or Zamalek, the real winner will be sportsmanship and African togetherness.

Nahdet Berkane’s official line-up
Nahdet Berkane – Zamalek FC.
CAF Confederation Cup, Final.

Zamalek FC’s official line-up.
Nahdet Berkane – Zamalek FC.
African Confederation Cup, Final.

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