Senegal’s Consul General in Dakhla officially denies reports of Senegalese irregular migration candidates stranded in the desert

The Consul General of Senegal in Dakhla, Babou Sene, has officially denied the news circulating on social networks and reported by some media outlets that Senegalese candidates for irregular migration are stranded in the Sahara.

‘This news is baseless and I officially deny it,’ Sene told MAP on Friday, noting that ‘the Senegalese authorities are aware that there is a lot of misinformation on social networks.’

Senegalese candidates for irregular migration, who are generally rescued by the Royal Navy, ‘are always housed in reception centres in Dakhla and not in tents in the desert’, he said.

The Consulate General of Senegal in Dakhla is informed by the Moroccan authorities as soon as a boat is rescued by the Royal Navy, and a team is immediately sent to the site to inspect the conditions of stay of irregular migration candidates, he said, adding that ‘Senegalese are very well received in Morocco’.

In this regard, the Senegalese diplomat praised the efforts made by the Moroccan authorities to receive migrants from sub-Saharan Africa in general, and Senegal in particular, in ‘good conditions’, noting that last year alone, more than 300 Senegalese received treatment in Dakhla hospital for between three days and two months at the expense of the Moroccan authorities.

Sen also praised the conditions of reception and residence of Senegalese citizens in Morocco, noting that thousands of his countrymen reside in the Kingdom in excellent conditions, with residence permits and decent work.

From the website: Fez News

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