Rim Shabbat Sparks Controversy in Parliament Over Distribution of Speaking Time on Behalf of the Democratic Forces Front… And Speaker El Talbi Threatens to Strip Membership +(Video)

The session of the Moroccan Parliament last Wednesday, dedicated to discussing the interim results of the government’s work, witnessed chaos due to a dispute between two deputies from the same party, the Democratic Forces Front.

The origin of the dispute between the two deputies, Rim Shabbat and Shafika Lachraf, revolves around the division of the allocated time for speakers on behalf of the party during the session.

The President of the House of Representatives, Rashid El Talbi Alami, threatened to initiate the procedure of revoking Shabbat’s membership of the council due to her recent change of party affiliation.

The Democratic Forces Front, led by Mustafa Benali, is represented by three deputies in parliament, namely:

  • Raouf Abdel Lawi for North Fez
  • Shafika Lachraf for Casablanca-Settat region
  • Rim Shabbat for Fes-Meknes region

During the session, Deputy Shabbat affirmed her affiliation with the Democratic Forces Front and demanded a special share for discussing the government’s achievements.

This request raised questions from El Talbi Alami regarding whether the members of the “Olive” bloc are still a unified bloc or if they have split again, warning that abandoning party affiliation may lead to losing parliamentary membership.

El Talbi Alami clarified that the distribution of speaking time is based on proportional representation, not the number of members in each bloc, with the Justice and Development Party receiving 50 minutes and the Independence Party receiving 400 minutes due to its 80 deputies.

Shabbat explained that parliamentary customs dictate the designation of the bloc’s spokesperson 24 hours before the session.

She added that she and her colleague Shafika had agreed to evenly divide the allocated time for the Democratic Forces Front, with each getting 4 minutes, based on a correspondence with the council’s administration.

Shabbat noted that she informed the administration of the decision to divide the share, but was surprised later by Lachraf’s change in stance, requesting 5 minutes and 35 seconds in exchange for Shabbat’s 2 minutes and 30 seconds, which she considered the source of the dispute.

Shabbat confirmed that she did not request the full 5 minutes and refuses to relinquish her share at the last minute.

Source: Fes News Media

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