The Riad Al-Yasmine neighborhood lives on the impact of rubbish, potholes, and a lack of public facilities

Urban development is a major challenge facing many cities around the world, and the Riad El Yasmine neighborhood, Ain Chekf Road, is no exception. This new neighborhood displays many of the challenges facing emerging communities, such as potholes, accumulated waste, and a lack of public facilities such as play areas for children and nearby mosques for the elderly.

Children, who are considered the future of any society, are forced to use stones as substitutes for safe and appropriate play facilities to play games such as football. This highlights the urgent need to provide safe and stimulating play environments for children’s physical and mental development.

The elderly, who need nearby mosques to perform prayers, also face difficulties due to the lack of mosques in the nearby neighborhoods, forcing them to go to one mosque near the cemetery. This reflects the need for urban planning that takes into account the needs of all residents, including the elderly.

Sustainable urban development requires a comprehensive approach focused on improving the quality of life of residents. This should include providing basic infrastructure, such as sound roads and an effective waste management system, as well as public facilities such as parks, mosques and playgrounds.

It is essential that local authorities work collaboratively with communities to identify priorities and implement solutions that meet the needs of residents. Through joint efforts and careful planning, challenges can be transformed into opportunities to build prosperous and sustainable urban communities.

From: Fez News website

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