After his dismissal along with three other members from the Municipal Council of Fes due to repeated absences from council sessions, Hamid Chabat commented on the situation

The decision for their dismissal, activated according to Article 67 of the organizational law for territorial communities, was due to the absence of the four members from council sessions for three consecutive times.

Hamid Chabat stated in a statement to one of the media outlets that “what is happening in the Municipality of Fes” and “the failed and unilateral management” is what led him to leave his membership in the municipal council. He preferred “to step back” instead of making promises he couldn’t fulfill.

Chabat also accused the council’s “unilateral management” of “destroying the city of Fes,” expressing regret for not resigning from the beginning “if I knew that my resignation would benefit the city.”

The other dismissed members are Sanaa Al-Jouhari from the Party of Progress and Socialism, Sarah Al-Khudari from the National Rally of Independents Party, and the First Deputy of the President of the Sayis District.

Chabat and his wife were absent from council sessions due to their residence in Turkey, while Sarah Al-Khudari left the country to evade judicial pursuit in the case of the federal parliamentarian, Al-Bousairi.

As for Al-Jouhari, her absence was justified by medical certificates due to her work outside Fes, in addition to her involvement in a traffic accident.

Chabat had decided years ago to settle in Turkey, with minimal participation in council sessions, and ran in the recent local elections under the name of the Democratic Forces Front after the Independence Party, whose former general secretary he was, refused to endorse him.

Source: Fes News Media

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