The comedic series “Wlad Ezzah” sparks controversy in the Moroccan Parliament… following accusations of insulting the dignity of teachers

The airing of the comedic series “Wlad Ezzah” on the first channel during last Ramadan sparked wide controversy, especially regarding its portrayal of the character “Ali,” the illiterate teacher. Some men and women in the education sector accused the series of “belittlement” and “insult.”

In response to a parliamentary question on the matter, the Minister of Youth, Culture, and Communication, Mehdi Ben Said, affirmed that “the characters in any dramatic work are the product of the screenwriter’s imagination and have no connection to reality.”

He added that “creative work, especially comedy, enjoys a space of freedom that allows the writer to delve into the world of characters and alter them to fit the comedic text and gain acceptance from the audience.”

Ben Said emphasized that “this character is purely fictional and has no relation to the reality of male and female educators, far from tarnishing the image of the educational community.” He also confirmed that “any television production undergoes viewing processes before and after production by specialized committees and departments.”

The minister clarified that “national media, including the National Radio and Television Company through its television productions, work to respect the dignity of humans in general, Moroccan citizens in particular, and the professions they practice. They do not diminish their value but rather defend them and address their issues, honoring their men and women through their programs, news bulletins, and dramas, in line with the ethical principles of this institution.”

It is worth mentioning that the National Union of Education, affiliated with the Democratic Confederation of Labor, had filed a complaint to the High Authority for Audiovisual Communication (HACA), expressing their displeasure with what they described as the “continuous targeting” of male and female educators through national channels. They demanded the immediate cessation of broadcasting the series “Wlad Ezzah” and an official apology from the first channel.

Source: Fes News Media

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