Mohammed Boudrika removed from the presidency of Mers Sultan district in Casablanca

The Administrative Court in Casablanca issued a verdict today, Monday, May 6, 2024, to remove Mohammed Boudrika from the presidency of the Mers Sultan district council in Casablanca, affiliated with the National Rally of Independents Party, due to his prolonged absence from performing his duties.

This decision comes after the prefect of the Fida Mers Sultan prefectures filed a request to remove the concerned individual due to the long period of absence from fulfilling his duties, which led to the disruption of several vital services for citizens, beneficiaries, and contracting companies with the district.

According to a letter from the prefect of the Fida Mers Sultan prefectures, Boudrika’s absence “negatively affected the immediate infrastructural needs required for the normal functioning of the district, causing a complete paralysis in various administrative facilities, which harmed the interests of beneficiaries.”

The letter relied on the provisions of Article 145 of the Kingdom’s Constitution for the year 2011, and Articles 20 and 21 of Organic Law No. 113.14 concerning municipalities, calling on Boudrika to justify this work interruption and to commit to resuming his duties within a period of seven days from the date of receiving this letter, which was signed on April 16.

Source : fes news media

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