Moroccan-Belgians at the Heart of Belgian Elections: Diverse Campaigns and Major Stakes

Opinion Article – The attention of Belgian citizens is currently focused on federal and regional elections, as well as the European Parliament in the Belgian capital, Brussels.

It appears that Moroccans with dual nationality are prominently featured on the lists of Belgian political parties, with some currently holding important positions at the regional ministerial level.

In a pre-election interview with Belgian-Moroccan immigrant Mr. Mohammed El Hamouchi, we shed light on the types of election campaigns currently being conducted by Moroccan-Belgians.

According to El Hamouchi, the Socialist Party (PS) continues to lead as usual, as it did in previous elections, thanks to its focus on immigrants and social issues such as housing, health, and education. The party boasts a strong presence of Moroccan candidates, including regional minister Nawal Ben Hamou and top-list candidate Mr. Ahmed Laouej.

Despite the Reformist Movement (MR) advocating for traders and Belgian business interests, it also features Moroccan candidates, reflecting the social shift among Moroccans in Belgium.

Additionally, the Green Party (ECOLO), which champions clean energy usage, green spaces, and the environment, includes Moroccans on its parliamentary lists.

Overall, most parties have Moroccan representation, with the “For You and Proximity Policy” party, founded recently, also fielding Moroccan candidates.

Lastly, El Hamouchi appears among Moroccans supporting the Socialist Party (PS), citing the inclusion of Moroccans in prominent positions on its lists, such as Ahmed Laouej, Fadila Laanan, Redouane Ahidar, and Nawal Ben Hamou.

We eagerly anticipate the surprises and unexpected outcomes that the ballot boxes may hold in the Belgian political landscape.

Correspondent : Youssef Tassouli, our correspondent in the United States

Source: Fes News Media

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