To Combat Negative and Harmful Behaviors Contrary to Moroccan Values, the Government is Considering Restricting the “TikTok” Platform

Minister of Youth, Culture, and Communication, Mohamed Mehdi Ben Said, addressed the problematic issues facing societies in our digital age, concerning the responsibility of social media platforms for the dissemination of unauthorized content and how to achieve a balance between combating this type of content and preserving freedom of expression and the rights of platform users.

This came in response to a written question posed to him by parliamentary counselor Khalid Sati, a member of the National Union of Labor, regarding the psychological and mental damages of the “TikTok” application.

Ben Said explained that while digital transformation has contributed to enhancing freedom of expression and expanding the scope of participation and virtual interaction for individuals, it has also opened the door to the emergence of negative and detrimental behaviors to values and society.

These behaviors, according to the minister, include the dissemination of harmful content across various applications and social media platforms, especially when it comes to infringing on individuals’ lives and society, such as harassment, defamation, fraud, hate speech, spreading violence, and discrimination.

Ben Said pointed out his ministry’s awareness of the negative impacts of these applications on culture and social behaviors, emphasizing its efforts to instill a culture of media education through awareness and educational activities in cooperation with the Higher Institute of Media and Communication.

These activities regularly target groups of journalism students and school students from public and private schools, aiming to educate them on how to critically and responsibly deal with media.

The minister also highlighted the efforts of the Higher Institute of Media and Communication to institutionalize media education in collaboration with relevant authorities, especially the Ministry of National Education, by incorporating media and information education as a core subject in the curriculum or at least enhancing the content of these subjects with awareness materials about the dangers of the phenomenon at the levels of primary, secondary, and vocational education.

Source: Fes News Media

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