What’s Happening at the Fes Bus Station? Sewage Channels Malfunction, Accumulation of Trash, and Ticket Price Gouging + (Photos)

Fes News received a message via the instant messaging app WhatsApp today, Monday, revealing a wave of anger and frustration among citizens, exposing dire conditions at the Fes bus station, including it being submerged in sewage water, trash piling up on the sides of windows, and extortion by “courtesans” raising ticket prices unreasonably.

The message revealed sewage water flowing inside the Fes bus station facility, posing a health hazard to travelers. Stagnant water gathered around the windows, causing foul odors and endangering the health of passengers.

In addition to the sewage disaster, according to the same message, the bus station suffers from the problem of trash accumulating on the sides of the windows, creating an unhealthy and unsafe environment for travelers.

Travelers at the Fes bus station are facing a worrying phenomenon of being extorted by “courtesans” through unreasonably raising ticket prices without any justification.

In the face of these catastrophic conditions, the same local sources have appealed to the relevant authorities for urgent intervention.

This comes amidst Morocco’s preparations to host the 2025 Africa Cup of Nations and the 2030 World Cup, where the Fes bus station is considered one of the most important connecting points between various Moroccan cities. It is expected that this station will witness a significant influx of visitors during these global events.

Source: Fes News Media

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