An anti-gang security operation results in the arrest of two drug dealers, the release of a girl from detention, and the seizure of bladed weapons, a fake pistol, and other items

Today, the police in Fez handed over two brothers with criminal records to the public prosecutor at the city court, suspected of involvement in a case related to drug trafficking and possession of cold weapons.

One of the detained brothers faces additional charges related to detaining a girl against her will for a night with his brother and another girl.

Details of this case were revealed by the girl who filed a complaint with the police.

The judicial police responded to the complaint immediately and seriously, and an anti-gang squad was mobilized and headed to the suspect’s house in coordination with the Royal Gendarmerie, where the two suspects were arrested after fierce resistance.

During the operation, the police seized from the possession of the two suspects, half a kilogram of marijuana, a car, a large motorcycle, knives, and a fake pistol, while the victim had left the scene.

From: Fez News website

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