A happy stay in the presence of snakes, lizards and scorpions.. This is how traitors to the homeland are and this is their fate..

From a tweet by the Moroccan journalist in the Gulf, “Mohamed Wamousi” (without editing):

He was living freely and freely in his country, promoted and honored in a position dreamed of by many Moroccan journalists who were more experienced, educated, and competent than him in the news department of Channel One. Television officials raised a scarecrow saying “I am from the desert” until he found himself in the street. Instead of learning the lesson like many people and starting again (and this is not a shame), he chose the path of the devil. He denied his country, his mother, his wife, and all his family and relatives, and left for France to fall into the arms of the Polisario.

In France, he received the second slap. They did not roll out the red carpet for him as he had thought. They turned their backs on him, and he found himself wandering the streets of the suburbs of Paris without work and without a home. He slept in parks, under bridges, and in train stations until someone approved them in a miserable room on the outskirts of the French capital. , as a temporary solution. Instead of learning the lessons again and starting his life again and fighting the war of life and livelihood, he chose to follow the same path, and he continued to spend the day on Tik Tok and YouTube, feeding on the crumbs of views with that stupid question, “What is Western Sahara Moroccan in?”…

He joined the night with the day and fought virtual wars against his homeland. Perhaps he would attract the attention of the Algerian military and intelligence. In fact, they turned to him and booked a travel ticket for him via Algerian Airlines, which transported him free of charge under the cover of darkness to Algeria, but they did not allow him to enter the capital. At the Hawari Boumediene Airport, they threw He took him on the first military cargo plane heading towards Tindouf, and the path ended with him in miserable camps living in the year of the elephant, with no road, no sidewalks, no water, no electricity, and no basic necessities for human life.

Congratulations to you in the land of “pride and dignity,” as you flattered and described it, and we wish you a happy stay in the presence of snakes, lizards, and scorpions. Such are the traitors of the homelands, and this is their fate.

From: Fez News website

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