Algerian intelligence reports indicate that 15 million Algerian football fans are about to explode after CAF sanctions on Al-Ittihad for two years

Security intelligence reports were prepared in Algiers to gauge the reactions of Algerian fans after the serious crisis that broke out with the Confederation of African Football (CAF) over the controversial match that USM Algiers was scheduled to play against the Moroccan club RS Berkane.

These reports were sent to the Algerian presidency on the eve of the second leg of the CAF Confederation Cup, which was scheduled to be held on Sunday, April 28, on the grounds of Berkane Stadium in Morocco.

According to digital sources, these security reports are collected and confirm that the country is not safe from a major explosion of popular anger if CAF applies more stringent sanctions on USM and all Algerian players’ clubs in the event of an Algerian boycott of the Algerian Football Federation.

The semi-finals of the CAF Confederation Cup exacerbated the confrontation with the main governing body of African football. The various Algerian security services fear the scenario of long-term exclusion from all African competitions that the Confederation of African Football may decide against the USM Algeria and other Algerian clubs due to the alignment of the Algerian Football Federation (FAF) with the political agenda of the military regime in the controversial issue and the “Moroccan shirts.” “For Nahdet Berkane Club.

The relevant security reports reveal that the football fan base in Algeria numbers more than 15 million people, and these popular fans will never appreciate the exclusion of their favorite clubs (unjustly) from all African football competitions due to a political dispute between the Algerian regime and Morocco. Security bulletins collected by the security services in Algeria indicated that Algerian fans are not prepared to bear the harsh punishment imposed on their clubs in the name of sacrifice for the so-called “Sahrawi cause,” which does not seem to have widespread support among Algerian citizens, contrary to what is said and broadcast in the private or public media. Public controlled by the Algerian government.

These security reports suggest working to avoid marginalizing Algerian clubs in African competitions, and it appears that, without clearly stating this, they advised the decision-making authority of the Algerian state to allow the Algerian Football Federation to play the semi-final against RS Berkane, and to avoid the unfortunate consequences of a more serious crisis with CAF.

Last but not least, the Algerian security services fear the nightmare scenario of disruption to public order and riots due to the African decline of the most popular football clubs in Algeria, given that stadiums have become the last outlet for a population that suffers from increasing suffocation and lives in social distress. .

From: Fez News website

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