Distributing the electronic systems for scheduling appointments and electronic registration to all diplomatic missions and consular centers

In an effort to provide quality consular services for the benefit of Moroccan citizens residing abroad, since April 1, the two electronic systems for scheduling appointments, “Rendez-vous,” and the electronic Timbre, for paying consular fees electronically, have been circulated to all diplomatic missions and consular centers in the Kingdom.

The adoption and activation of this system, which has long been a demand for members of the Moroccan community residing abroad, embodies the high care that His Majesty King Mohammed VI extends to members of the Moroccan community residing abroad in order to improve the conditions of their reception in diplomatic missions and consular centers.

Therefore, the electronic system for managing appointments, similar to what is used in the administrations of host countries, will enable responding to the aspirations of Moroccans residing abroad to obtain modern and quality consular services.

This system also allows members of the Moroccan community to seamlessly benefit from consular services under appropriate reception conditions, as well as reducing the required time space, in addition to the quality of reception and service provided to them.

It will also contribute significantly to reducing overcrowding in front of the Kingdom’s consular services, and will allow diplomatic missions and consular centers to optimally manage the space designated for reception, and employ modern communication technologies to improve consular services.

This system provides users, once the requests submitted by the consular services are verified, with times and dates from which they can choose the most appropriate for them, according to the concerned department or the required service.

The system also enables applicants to send documents supporting the application electronically, even before moving to the consular offices.

In order to ensure the complete success of this project, support was provided to users by the “Consular Call Center” as well as by the Kingdom’s consular services abroad.

Since its launch, the electronic appointment management system has been able to process more than 3.2 million appointment requests, out of more than 5 million consular services provided to members of the Moroccan community residing abroad.

Within the framework of the process of digitizing the payment of consular fees launched by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans Residing Abroad in coordination with the General Treasury of the Kingdom, the electronic registration system for the electronic payment of consular fees constitutes a basic building block for the modernization of consular work.

The adoption of this system aims to enhance the climate of trust between users and consular services to improve the transparency of administrative transactions.

Since its launch, the number of consular services provided thanks to this modern system has reached more than 2.8 million. Its activation at the level of diplomatic missions and consular centers was accompanied by efforts to generalize bank card performance  at the level of consular centers.

From: Fez News website

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