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Prime Minister Aziz Akhannouch, while presenting the interim summary of the government’s work, confirmed in a plenary session at Parliament headquarters that half of the government’s term witnessed an unprecedented social revolution in terms of implementing compulsory health coverage. During a joint session devoted to presenting the interim assessment of the government’s work, Akhannouch highlighted the government’s strategic vision to ensure health coverage for all citizens, regardless of their social, financial, and professional status.

He added that the government has implemented a comprehensive strategy to ensure health coverage for all citizens, in line with the royal directives for comprehensive health care.

He said that the government has succeeded in expanding the scope of compulsory basic health insurance to include more than 10 million citizens, who were previously covered by the “RAMED” system, with a budget of 9.5 billion dirhams annually.
He added that the government’s focus on achieving universal health coverage reflects its commitment to meeting the aspirations of Moroccans and responding to the aspirations of King Mohammed VI.

Moroccan Prime Minister Aziz Akhannouch stated that the results of the September 8, 2021 elections produced a new political landscape and granted democratic legitimacy to a new government coalition. He stressed the government’s commitment to fulfilling its electoral promises and meeting the aspirations of citizens. Akhannouch highlighted the achievements achieved during the first half of the government’s term, which, in his opinion, exceeded expectations, despite the complex crises the country is experiencing. He acknowledged global uncertainties and stressed the need to deal with them intelligently to reduce their impact on economic and social development.

The elections of September 8, 2021 in Morocco resulted in a new political scene, according to Akhannouch, and provided democratic legitimacy for a new government coalition, and the government is determined to fulfill its obligations and meet the aspirations of citizens.

He explained that the government’s commitment to fulfilling its electoral promises reflects its responsibility towards citizens and the trust placed in it by the strong majority.
Global uncertainties and crises, including the health crisis, require proactive measures to mitigate their impacts on economic and social development.

Moroccan Prime Minister Aziz Akhannouch stressed that the progress achieved by Morocco in the constitutional, democratic, developmental, diplomatic and sports fields is the result of the insightful royal vision. This vision played an effective role in laying the foundations of the modern state. The Moroccan diplomatic approach has gained international recognition in its dealings with the Western Sahara issue, which reflects the success of the royal approach in managing this artificial conflict. The goal is to make the southern regions of Morocco a geopolitical reference point, and to promote peace, stability and prosperity in the Euro-African region.

The Moroccan experience witnessed developments in various fields, Akhannouch says, including constitutional, democratic, developmental, diplomatic, and sports.
The insightful royal vision played a decisive role in achieving these developments and laying the foundations of the modern state.

The Moroccan diplomatic approach received support for the country’s first national cause and the autonomy initiative.
The “innovative, renewed and solid partnership” agreements and announcements with the United Arab Emirates aim to develop economic, trade and investment cooperation between the two countries.

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