A cabinet reshuffle is coming and Akhannouch: Ministers will leave their positions to make way for new faces

After nearly a year of speculation, it has now been confirmed that a cabinet reshuffle is on the way. According to Prime Minister Aziz Akhannouch, ministers will leave their positions to make room for new faces.

During a press conference, the Prime Minister indicated the possibility of a cabinet reshuffle after the next national conference of the Istiqlal Party. He stressed the need for the majority parties to stop and think about setting new priorities in the middle of their term.

The Prime Minister stressed the importance of following constitutional rules during this process. He highlighted the government’s achievements over the past two and a half years and expressed the need for new priorities moving forward.

Political analyst Muhammad Shuqair believes that the government reshuffle aims to improve efficiency, especially as the government reaches the middle of its term. He pointed out that the delay in appointing state ministers created an opportunity for change.

Choucair pointed out that some ministers did not live up to expectations, despite the government’s focus on highlighting its competence. He stressed the importance of urgently addressing key issues, such as social dialogue and preparations for upcoming events.

Choucair indicated that the cabinet reshuffle may coincide with Throne Day celebrations or shortly before that. While he expects surprises, he expects the Ministry of Justice to be a focal point for change, especially after recent shifts in the party’s leadership.

Choucair highlighted the controversial nature of some figures and their potential impact on legislative discussions. He stressed the need for a smooth transition to facilitate the passage of important laws, especially in civil and criminal procedures.

From: Fez News website

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