Students at a secondary school in the municipality of Ain Chqef in Fez protested today, Friday, inside the school premises, in response to the spread of a video documenting a heinous crime allegedly involving the school principal

According to initial information available to Fes News, the principal is accused of sexually harassing female students in exchange for educational benefits he grants to his victims.

The video, of which the newspaper has a copy, shows a shocking attempt at sexual assault through kissing one of the female students, purportedly as a result of her intervention in a problem related to her absence due to health reasons.

In a related context, civil society activists condemned this shocking incident, calling for an urgent and transparent investigation into the matter and the necessary legal actions to be taken.

Parents of the students at the aforementioned secondary school urged the competent authorities to intervene urgently to ensure the safety and protection of their children within the educational environment.

source : Fes News media

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