With 46 million dirhams, including taxes, Morocco is moving to the total digitization of the Official Gazette

Morocco is accelerating digital transformation in an approach that is decisively focused on the future. By decision of the Directorate of Administrative and Financial Affairs of the Official Printing Office, which undertook an ambitious project: the complete digitization of the Official Gazette of the Kingdom.

With a large budget of 46 million dirhams, the goal is clear: abandon the paper format in favor of a modern, interactive electronic version.

This digital transformation, estimated at 46 million dirhams including taxes, is not only a matter of technological modernization, but also represents a revolution in access to legal information. The project plans to replace existing PDF files with high-quality images of small size, making browsing easier and faster.

The Moroccan government is embarking on this path with a clear vision: establishing a solid legal framework that gives the electronic bulletin of the Official Gazette the same legal value as its printed counterpart. This is no simple task, as it involves ensuring the reliability and authority of official texts in their new digital form.

The time limit for implementing this project is 34 months, a transition period that reflects the scale of the task. It is a turning historical page for the Official Gazette, whose first edition dates back to 1912. The newspaper was initially printed in Casablanca, then in Rabat since 1923. It followed the country’s development, and changed its name in 1956 to become “The Official Gazette of the Kingdom” before taking its current name. 1958.

With this digital transformation, Morocco forms part of the dynamic of modernization and efficiency, proving once again its ability to adapt to the new requirements of the information age.

From: Fez News website

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