Report from the National Office of the National Association of Doctors of National Education regarding the file of Doctors of National Education


Members of the national office of the National Association of Doctors of National Education met on Thursday, April 24, 2024, at the association’s headquarters in Rabat. In the context of resolving the file of doctors of national education to a research professor, an agreement was reached between the most representative unions and members of the government to change the framework for employees in the national education sector who hold a certificate. PhD on the basis of three batches 2024-2025-2026,

The logic is that the Ministry of National Education did not adhere to the 2010 agreement during the era of the Minister of National Education, Ahmed Akhchishin, who signed an agreement with the six unions on the basis of 3 batches 2010-2011-2012. This agreement left many victims of doctors, some of whom retired, some died, and some fell ill.

From these standpoints, if today the government, along with the guardian ministry, is diligent in ending this file, which is more than 20 years old once and for all, the association proposes to the Ministry of National Education the following solution in order to do justice to all doctors:

The class of 2024 includes all doctors who pursued a doctorate before the end of 2012, as compensation for reparation for the harm suffered by this group since the 2010 agreement, which remained pending for more than 14 years.

The Class of 2025 includes all doctors who completed their doctorates before the end of 2018.

The Class of 2026 includes all doctors who taught before the end of 2026.

Dr. Abdullah Al-Shatwi, a member of the Association, stated that the Ministry should accelerate the completion of the oldest file known to the shelves of the Ministry of National Education, which is a completely inexpensive file, especially since most of the National Education doctors are ranked outside the ranks and that they will not bear any financial burdens, in addition to the fact that the doctors have accumulated many years of pedagogical experience. Work and contact with the educational community made them experts in the field, as well as covering the shortcomings in the regional centers for the professions of education and training, high schools, professors, and centers of scientific and educational research, and undertaking the process of keeping up with and mentoring new students and benefiting from their experience.

From: Fez News website

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