After achieving second place in the partial elections in Fez, the Justice and Development Party (PJD) condemns “shameful” practices by mobilizing intermediaries and brokers to sabotage the election campaign

The regional office of the Justice and Development Party in Fez issued a statement today, Wednesday, shedding light on the diligent efforts made by the party during the partial legislative elections in the electoral district of South Fez, which took place yesterday, Tuesday, April 23, 2024.

The regional office highlighted in its statement the political, electoral, and honorable struggle led by the activists of the Justice and Development Party in the Fez region, demonstrating their readiness and high awareness of their constitutional roles in guiding and defending the interests of citizens.

According to the statement, the PJD campaign was characterized by daily, field-based, and direct communication with citizens, organizing various events including meetings and marches culminating in a mass rally, led by the party’s Secretary-General, Mr. Abdelilah Benkirane, in collaboration with a constellation of prominent party leaders.

As a result of these efforts, the Justice and Development Party secured second place in the elections deservedly, despite the fierce competition it faced from three parties belonging to the government coalition. This competition was marked by unlawful practices such as the use of illicit money, bribery, mobilizing intermediaries and brokers, especially in rural areas, posing a blatant challenge to the constitution, law, authorities, democratic choice, and the integrity and transparency of the electoral process.

The Fez branch of the Justice and Development Party, from its position of responsibility, addressed the public opinion nationally and locally regarding the circumstances of the election campaign, the voting day, and the results of these elections, expressing:

  • Great gratitude and appreciation to the inhabitants of Fez in general and South Fez in particular, for their response to the party’s election campaign and for voting for it at this significant level, despite the circumstances of partial elections, usually characterized by low turnout and known for corrupt practices and electoral malpractice.
  • Pride in the high level of mobilization and struggle demonstrated by the party’s activists, and the support they received from partner and parallel bodies, as well as the party’s activists and bodies nationally and regionally. They thanked them for their sacrifices and dedication to their struggle duties, which constituted a political and struggle exercise that reaffirmed the return of warmth to the activists and showed the party’s readiness to confront the mechanisms of electoral corruption, and its readiness to engage in future challenges with determination, strength, resolve, and confidence.
  • Strong condemnation and rejection of the shameful and undemocratic practices carried out by some parties, especially the party of the head of government, which openly disregards laws and authorities by engaging in bribery, mobilizing intermediaries and brokers to sabotage the electoral process.
  • Holding the head of government fully responsible for the political situation in our country, the unprecedented political decline, and the drastic decline in citizens’ confidence, as reflected by the very low turnout in these elections, and the significant difference between the participation rates in urban and rural areas, as well as the poor results of the government’s work on all economic and social levels, and the government’s failure to fulfill its promises, in contrast to the dominance of the head of government over a group of economic sectors and his companies benefiting from huge deals, embodying a stark conflict of interests.
  • Insistence on continuing its constitutional, political, and struggle duties in supporting reform, confronting corruption and corrupt individuals, defending the unified Moroccan identity, advocating for the interests of the nation and citizens, and exposing all forms of corruption, conflict of interest, and serving personal interests from the position of the government leadership and the weakness in managing public affairs.
  • Thanks to all relevant authorities for their constitutional and legal neutrality, and calling on responsible authorities to develop a plan to promote positive neutrality to protect electoral operations, ensure their transparency and integrity, and deter election brokers and corrupt individuals, thus protecting the country’s reputation and its democratic and developmental choice.

Source: Fes News Media

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