Civil associations in Sefrou declare a boycott of municipal activities in protest against “systematic exclusion” policies

A group of civil associations in Sefrou expressed their frustration with the current policies of the municipal council, considering them a “failure” in addressing key issues concerning the residents, especially in the cultural and environmental fields.

In a statement issued by the “Local Coalition for Environment and Development” in Sefrou, the associations condemned the “systematic exclusion policy” adopted by the council against civil society, noting the “absence of participatory democracy” in its handling of various files.

The associations in their statement addressed several issues that embody the “failure” of the municipal council, including:

Cancellation of the “Love of Kings” festival and the cultural forum in 2023 “due to mismanagement, poor administration, and exclusion.” The council’s “negligence” of environmental issues, especially concerning the public landfill, which “poses an environmental disaster for the city.” Neglect of green areas, “including the municipal camp and the Qanatir Park, and a large number of gardens.” Absence of road signs, “especially pedestrian signs and signs for car roads.” Failure to manage the “Love of Kings” festival and the municipal music institute, “where cultural and environmental associations were excluded from support for two consecutive seasons.” In their statement, the associations called on the municipal council to:

“Repeal all exclusionary decisions against civil society and initiate a serious dialogue with all serious associations.” “Repeal the decision to transfer the music institute and the Love of Kings festival to the Ministry of Culture.” “Democratize the allocation of grants to associations in all sports, social, cultural, and environmental fields.” “Give priority to the environmental sector in the municipality’s programs.”

Here is the text of the denunciation statement as received by Fes News:

Source: Fes News Media

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