Statistics regarding the partial elections in the southern Fez district by province

On Tuesday, April 24, the partial elections for the southern Fez district were held, and resulted in the candidate of the National Rally of Liberals winning the parliamentary seat for the constituency.

Below are statistics regarding the partial legislative elections of April 23, 2024, numbers:

Agdal Province:

Registered 77,398.

Voters 4632. The percentage is 5.98.

Sais Province:

Registered 84016.

Voters: 4454. Percentage: 5.29.


Registered 25,771

Voters 1586. The percentage is 6.15.

Rose steppe:

Registered 44821

Voters: 3855. Percentage 8.60.

Ould Tayeb village community:

Registered 11,789

Voters: 3862. Percentage: 32.76.

Sidi Ahrazem village community:

Registered 3786

Voters: 1745. Percentage: 46.09.

Ain Al Bayda village community:

Registered 5388

Voters: 2319. Percentage: 43.04.

The total number of registered people is 252,969.

Total voters 22444.

Percentage 8.87.

From: Fez News website

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