The Royal Moroccan Football Federation files a complaint against the Algerian Football Federation with FIFA, and the match may take place in a neutral stadium

The Royal Moroccan Football Federation (FRMF) has filed a complaint with FIFA against the Algerian Football Federation. This is because the team from Renaissance Sportive de Berkane (RSB) faced harassment at Houari Boumediane Airport last Friday. The issue arose when the Algerian customs seized the team’s jerseys.

An official source revealed that the FRMF’s complaint is about the problems faced by the Renaissance de Berkane team during their trip to Algeria to play against USM Alger in the CAF semi-final. In addition to the complaint to CAF, the FRMF also approached FIFA to inform them about the harassment the Moroccan team delegation faced.

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) decided to cancel the match between RSB and USM Alger that was supposed to take place on Sunday. This decision was made after the Moroccan team’s jerseys were confiscated by the authorities at Houari Boumediane Airport.

To address this incident, CAF will propose to RS Berkane and USM Alger to play the canceled match at a neutral venue. Two options have been suggested: the Radès Stadium in Tunis or the Cairo International Stadium.

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