The Interior Ministry issues a warning to Boudriga and warns him of the need to return to his duties within a week

The Ministry of Interior issued a warning to the head of the Marse Community Council, Sultan Mohamed Boudriga, to return to his duties within a week.

The warning sent by the governor of El-Fida Governorate, Mors Sultan, focused on the long absence of the head of Raja, stressing that he had stopped exercising his duties since the last regular session of the city council was held on January 10, that is, more than three and a half months.

The supervisory authority states in this sense that Boudriga did not provide justifications for his cessation of work.

This situation has negatively affected the direct needs for the normal functioning of public services, causing complete paralysis of various administrative services and harming the interests of beneficiaries of public services.

The governor called on Boudriga to justify his absence from work and return to his duties within seven days from the date of receiving the warning issued on April 16, which the director of interests in the region received on April 17.

Real estate mogul Mohamed Boudrika owns a “triple” and even a “quadruple” hat. The businessman is the president of Raja Club (Casablanca Football Club), deputy of the National Rally of Liberals, and secretary of the House of Representatives.

While newspaper articles announced his imminent arrest, Boudriga claimed at the beginning of last February that he was suffering from a health condition and was due to undergo two heart surgeries in London, indicating that he was in the recovery phase and that he would resume his personal work soon.

A few weeks later, Boudrika would deny the rumors to which he had been the subject, in particular those related to his alleged trip abroad due to his possible conviction in the context of an ongoing legal case, related to his real estate group.

Shortly after denying on 22 February that he was the subject of a search warrant from the National Police Judicial Brigade (BNPJ), he will be given a one-year suspended prison sentence accompanied by a fine of 230,500.

The representative was convicted in absentia of issuing bad checks in a case related to a real estate project.

From: Fez News website

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