PJD Regional Committee in Fez: “Today’s Voting Process Did Not Go Smoothly… Fraud and Electoral Corruption Practices Continued Clearly”

The PJD Regional Committee in Fez announced today, Tuesday, the start of the voting process in the Southern Fez constituency, amid citizens’ aspirations for a fair electoral process that restores confidence in the political process. The committee indicated that this day did not go smoothly as expected, as fraud and electoral corruption practices continued clearly and alarmingly.

The PJD Regional Committee in Fez stated that despite the warnings and security measures, manifestations of corruption and manipulation of the electoral process continued. Groups of individuals not associated with the electoral process were seen carrying out suspicious activities in front of polling stations in several areas of the city, including Al Mokhtar Soussi and Imam Al Shafi schools in Jnane Al Ward, and 06 Novembre, Al Fakih At-Taoudi, Ibn Al Bena, and Al Boursi schools in Sais, in addition to other areas such as Omar Al Khayyam, Imam Ali, Ibn Al Ajram, Abnaa Al Jish, Abdelkrim Daoudi, Lido neighborhood in Akdal, and District 8 in Skhinat.

The PJD Regional Committee in Fez denounced these illegal, unacceptable, and offensive practices and maneuvers to the electoral process and its sanctity.

The PJD Regional Committee called on the judicial, territorial, and security authorities to continue their efforts to corner all those who harm fair electoral competition and the fair electoral practice in our city and our nation.

Source: Fes News Media

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