Low Voter Turnout in Southern Fez District Elections

In a news story that reflects the strength of political parties in the city of Fez in persuading voters to vote, reliable sources revealed to “Fes News Media” a noticeable decline in voting rates and a clear weakness in the turnout rate at polling stations.

Since the start of the voting process at 8:00 AM, it appears that the encouragement to participate has not achieved the desired success, and according to preliminary reports, it is expected that the turnout rate will not exceed 3% or 4% at most of the total 255,318 registered voters.

Elections in all their forms and types are an important opportunity for all citizens, as they represent an opportunity to exercise the political rights guaranteed in the constitution, and are also a strong indicator of the health of democracy in society.

Regarding the organization of the partial elections in southern Fez, it is worth noting that they come after the vacancy of the seat of the former parliamentary representative Abdelkader Boussary, a member of the Socialist Union of Popular Forces party in the southern Fez district, and he was stripped of his membership in the House of Representatives by a decision of the Constitutional Court, due to his judicial follow-up.

The partial elections in southern Fez, and the accompanying low turnout, raise questions among local observers about whether this abstention from voting is considered a normal and natural thing, especially since these elections remain partial.

In a related context, the same sources explained this electoral abstention as a result of the citizens’ loss of confidence in the elected representatives and political officials.

The Liberal, Istiqlal, Popular Movement, Socialist Union, and Justice and Development parties have all announced their candidates for this vacant seat.

Source: Fes News Media

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