Moroccan Kingdom Strengthens Regional Cooperation to Combat Terrorism at High-Level African Meeting in Abuja

The Kingdom of Morocco, alongside 32 African countries, participates in the high-level African meeting to combat terrorism, held in the Nigerian capital, Abuja, on April 22nd and 23rd, under the theme “Enhancing Regional Cooperation and Building Institutions to Confront the Terrorist Threat in Africa.”

Morocco is represented at this important meeting by a high-level delegation chaired by Mr. Ismael El Shagouri, Director of Comprehensive Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation, and Moroccans Residing Abroad.

This significant event is organized with the participation of United Nations member states, jointly organized by the Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the United Nations Office for Counter-Terrorism.

This meeting culminates discussions from the ministerial meeting of African member states held in September 2023 on the sidelines of the 78th session of the United Nations General Assembly.

The aim of this two-day meeting is to enhance regional cooperation and build institutional capacities to address the growing terrorist threats in the African continent.

Discussions at the meeting focus on formulating effective strategies to combat terrorism and violent extremism in Africa, emphasizing the importance of African-led solutions.

The Kingdom of Morocco is considered a leading model in the field of combating terrorism and violent extremism, thanks to its effective security strategy and comprehensive preventive approach.

Morocco’s participation in this high-level meeting embodies its strong commitment to regional and international cooperation to confront terrorist threats and enhance peace and stability in the African continent.

The high-level African meeting for combating terrorism serves as a crucial platform for exchanging ideas, coordinating efforts, and charting the course of action to combat terrorism and violent extremism in Africa.

Morocco actively engages in this meeting, believing in the importance of regional and international cooperation to address these common challenges and enhance security and stability on the continent.

Source: Fes News Media

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