A young woman accused of trafficking “Qirqoubi” in Beni Mellal was arrested based on information from the intelligence services. The judicial police have referred her to the public prosecutor’s office

Last Monday, the provincial judicial police in the Beni Mellal security department referred a 27-year-old woman to the relevant public prosecutor’s office on suspicion of involvement in a case related to the possession and trafficking of psychotropic substances.

According to available information, the anti-narcotics unit in Beni Mellal managed to arrest the suspect at the entrance of the city, immediately after her arrival on a bus transporting passengers from one of the northern cities of the kingdom. This action was based on precise information provided by the General Directorate of National Territorial Control.

The inspection carried out by the unit’s members resulted in the discovery of a substantial quantity of drugs in the possession of the suspect, totaling 604 tablets. These included 244 hallucinogenic tablets of ecstasy and 360 medical tablets of Rivotril, in addition to a mobile phone and a sum of money suspected to be proceeds from this criminal activity.

The suspect has been placed under provisional custody pending further investigation by the relevant public prosecutor’s office in order to uncover all the details of this case and to apprehend any other participants and accomplices involved in this criminal activity.

This operation is part of the ongoing efforts made by the General Directorate of National Security to combat the phenomenon of drug trafficking and to protect society from its dangers.

Source: Fez News Media

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